Mobile Hospitals in Expandable Trailers or Mobile Modular Buildings


Hospital facilities are often in demand at short notice when unforeseen disasters such as epidemics, natural calamities or fast change in demographics occur.

New hospital facilities take considerable time to plan and build.

Hospital expansion and renovation requirements may also interrupt services at facilities.

All these situations demand that facilities be made available where clinicians and paramedics can work in a safe environment. Mobile hospital solutions by EIN Healthcare fulfil and address these needs.

Mobile hospitals can be deployed ieither in expandable trailers, tents, containers or modular buildings depending upon the urgency, location and functional needs.

These hospitals come with requisite infrastructure of not only medical equipment, but also power, climate control, plumbing and drainage, isolation if required and communication with base hospitals.

They can also be integrated into existing facilities as in the case of renovation or expansion projects.

These hospitals have an added advantage of being able to be relocated and redeployed in different location once the need is fulfilled.

In addition to the usual accommodation for outpatient clinics, medical wards, pharmacy etc. the mobile hospitals can also have surgical units, intensive care, isolation, clean rooms, CSSD, laboratories, radiology, trauma units and other diagnostic and treatment facilities.

EIN also supplies especially designed medical equipment for mobile use such as:

  • X-ray units
  • Ultrasound
  • CT scanner
  • Telemedicine etc.

These equipment are rugged, consume low power compared to conventional equipment and have structural features that enable them to be easily stored and transported.

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