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Healthcare providers are often restrained by the challenge of costs and time implications of building fixed facilities in remote areas. Not to mention staffing and retention of qualified staff in these facilities. Yet others are deterred by feasibility studies that do not justify huge investments in satellite facilities that are unlikely to be used to their full potential. Often there are challenges wherein services are duplicated in several facilities and underutilized. In all these scenarios, Mobile Health Units offer a viable option to provide out of hospital care areas away from the main hospital facilities, or optimize use of services across facilities by sharing the service on a Mobile unit. The Mobile units also come handy to cope with occasional surge in demand for certain services or where it is inconvenient for patients to visit the hospital often as in dialysis, dental or physiotherapy treatments.

Other challenges that medical healthcare providers must respond to are medical situations where temporary re-locatable hospital set up that are cost effective and durable long economic lifetime are needed; either as an immediate or the need to temporarily expand on the existing capacity.

For general healthcare, providing treatment to people in the remote and rural area who may have limited or no access to healthcare facilities can be another challenge. The healthcare provider is in constant need to reduce and review the number of staff, short-term healthcare costs, and cost of operation.

Considering all the challenges that our clients may have, we have classified the medical solutions to their challenges under four main categories: the general treatment, mobile hospitals, disaster management and diagnosis.

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