General treatment units


EIN  Healthcare supplies custom designed and built mobile units for general treatment. These can be in either bus, truck or trailer depending on the deployment program of the client.

All units are fully air conditioned with sanitized climate control, self-contained with requisite power, water and communication units on board. Optionally archiving and telemedicine facilities can be provided on demand. The units can also connect into available building infrastructure for power, water, drainage and network.

These features enable deployment in all types of terrain.

Optionally, the units can be equipped with telemedicine facilities. wheel chair lifts/ramps for facilitating access for people with special needs.

All units are designed to meet safety and occupational health standards complying both with the medical and automobile industry standards.

Typically, these units can be in any of the following configurations

  • General clinic comprising consulting rooms, diagnostic cabins housing (X-ray, ECG, Ultrasound), laboratory, administration and waiting areas.
  • ENT/Ophthalmic Clinic comprising consulting room, testing/diagnostics area, administration and waiting area.
  • Dental Clinic comprising dental clinic, laboratory, sterilization and other support areas, and an optional OPG area.
  • Diabetic Clinic comprising consulting rooms, assessment areas, laboratory, pharmacy and reception.
  • Obstetric Gynaecology Clinic comprising consulting and examination room with facilities for onsite ultrasound and laboratory. Especially designed examination tables are installed for safety and ergonomics.
  • Dialysis unit consisting of dialysis chairs in cabins or an open plan, nursing station, preparation area, IPTV system and optionally an RO plant. Additional options of conventional CRRT/ Individual RO and peritoneal dialysis can be configured as per client requirements.
  • Training/simulation lab consisting of functional mannequins, telemedicine, practice areas, demonstration/project room, virtual reality training rooms.

EIN Healthcare can custom design these and any other clinical area in the mobile facility be it for patient treatment such as physiotherapy, lithotripsy or paraclinical applications such as training, sterilization units, pharmacies etc.

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