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EIN Healthcare


Experience of the fast paced advances of technology combined with growing medical knowledge creates opportunities to better service patients' needs. Within the field of mobile healthcare this leads translates to reach patients quicker at any location and respond to their medical needs much faster than before.

Originating from the Netherlands, EIN Healthcare is committed to improve the quality of healthcare by means of cutting edge technology and know-how. We are determined committed to create develop patient centric mobile healthcare solutions that place patients at its heart.

EIN Healthcare is highly specialised and a leading provider in the field of customised mobile healthcare solutions in the Middle East. The company is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, with offices in Dubai and in Maastricht, the Netherlands.


Maintain leadership in integrated mobile healthcare solutions and services.

Become a true partner for to governments and other healthcare providers to achieve their objectives.


Help clients serve patients better, though adequate solutions integrating latest technology in a reliable delivery model. incorporating a low total cost of ownership, enabling timely healthcare delivery, in a balanced approach between government, private healthcare providers, suppliers, care providers and company.


We, at EIN, strive to be trusted advisors for our clients by focussing on Functional analysis, design, engineering, integrating advanced technologies, technology support while.

  • Providing solutions to meet healthcare challenges
  • Supporting development of remote areas through public healthcare
  • Aligning government needs and business needs

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