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Clinical Applications

NeuroCenter© EEG: AI based expert system for continuous monitoring of EEG in ICU/OR

The EEG signal, though rich in clinical content, has been used in a limited sense. The data for long term recordings is large, its interpretation is complex, and it is also susceptible to human errors limiting the sensitivity and specificity for graphs recorded over long periods of time (12 to 24 hrs). Even in instances when it is read manually by the time the diagnosis is reported its already late for timely clinical intervention resulting in under diagnosed and over treated cases.


The NeuroCenter©  EEG system is designed to record and analyze the EEG signal in real-time and outputs real-time analysis in an easy to read format for non-neurologists. It gives information on the brain symmetry, brain activity status (seizure, normal, burst suppression etc.) and also prediction on the brain function recovery – the Cerebral Recovery Index (a patented index that gives a prognosis of brain recovery after 12hrs and 24hrs of monitoring). For the neurologist, it gives tools to quickly call out the portions of EEG during events such as seizures or convulsions, rather than read the whole monitored records.


The software has been clinically validated by studies at the University of Twente.

NeuroCenter is available with especially designed Amplifiers for signal acquisition in the ICU and OR.

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