Rapid Bio Decontamination services

Bio-Decontamination Solutions

EIN Healthcare implements leading disaster management solutions. How do you plan to mitigate global challenges like the current Covid-19 outbreak

EIN has proven solutions for: 

  • Bio-containment and decontamination
  • Rapid deployment isolation room retrofits
  • Sanitization of public spaces
  • Mobile biosafety laboratories
  • Full CBNRE decontamination units and laboratories 


EIN Healthcare is ready to support you in your efforts for containment of communicable diseases, especially the current global Covid-19 outbreak. The following products/services are be valuable for decontamination and containment in the context of Covid-19, achieving log-6 level decontamination as required:


  1. Bioquell BQ 50 - Safe on sensitive electronics and residue-free, our unique 35% Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour Decontamination technology eliminates pathogens from every exposed surface. Bioquell has proven efficacy against bacteria, viruses, spores and more, including C. difficile, VRE, norovirus, and CRE. Decontaminate a closed regular room in a cycle of 1.5 hrs, which includes the devaporisation phase down to < 1 ppm

  2. Bioquell SeQure - Delivers complete decontamination of exposed surfaces via a fixed wall-mounted system that is ideal for pass-throughs, material airlocks, and more, based on the same Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Decontamination technology. HVAC systems can be included

  3. Bioquell RBDS Service – Rapid Bio Decontamination Service - for safe and verified log-6 decontamination using the same 35% Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour technology, provided by Bioquell’s team at site. Ideally suited for larger events.



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