Mobile CBRNE decontamination Unit


Disasters come unannounced and can strike anywhere. Whatever be the nature of the disaster it poses immediate challenge for healthcare provision to provide treatment to the affected population, contain its adverse effects and protect rest.

The only way to deal with such eventualities is to be prepared by being adequately equipped and trained to deal with such eventualities.

EIN Healthcare partners with governments and organizations to develop robust emergency/disaster management programs leading to development of mobile health solutions for training as well as deployment.


  • General Clinic comprising consulting rooms, diagnostic cabins housing (X-ray, ECG, Ultrasound), laboratory, administration and waiting areas.

  • Mobile CBRNE Decontamination Unit - EIN Healthcare specializes in developing Mobile CBRNE decontamination units, suitable for all weather conditions. These can be deployed at site at short notice and effectively decontamination affected persons before hospitalization.

  • Mobile Radiology Laboratories - are used for screening population for radioactive material on body surface or ingestion. For environmental surveillance and monitoring – a must for any geography housing a nuclear reactor in its vicinity.

  • Rescue Vehicle and Ambulances – in various configurations and capabilities from evacuation of mass casualties to extended pre-hospitalization care as in Stroke Ambulances and ICU ambulance. These vehicles, in addition to the first aid and patient transport facility, contain diagnostic screening facilities like x-ray and point of care laboratory to quickly triage the patients. They a fitted out with life saving devices like defibrillators and can also be integrated into a telemedicine network where by paramedics on field can get online guidance while on field. All vehicles are certified for KKK compliance.

  • Bio-containment and Decontamination - containment of communicable diseases like the current Covid-19 outbreak achieving log-6 level decontamination as required.

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