Diagnosis & Screening Mobile Medical Units


Timely screening for diseases go a long way in effective prevention and reducing the burden of disease in a community. It is an essential strategy of preventive healthcare program by governments. However, public health professionals face a daunting task for motivating a public to avail health screening services at hospital facilities.

Preventive health tests can be performed in the community or near the workplace where people can access the services without the need to travel long distances or spend times waiting in long queues.

EIN develops disease specific test and screening mobile units, optimizing the work flow and test time requirements to achieve high throughput.

We are sensitive to the fact that working with the public in different locations exposes the health care personnel to risks of air borne infections. Our mobile units effective address this by continuously sanitizing the indoor air.

The mobile units are designed to be self-contained and operate long hours continuously. The medical equipment is carefully chosen to have minimum power requirement, achieve high throughput and high quality reliable testing.

These units can also be equipped with external large screens to dispense public awareness information.

  • Cancer Screening Unit / Mammography Unit: is a full-service mammography unit with option of taking biopsy samples, Ultrasound and cervical samples. The unit can also have an onboard reporting facility.
  • Diabetic Screening Unit: comes with fully equipped assessment unit for blood and urine tests, physical assessment, ophthalmic and neural evaluation that are essential in diabetic care. The unit can also have an onboard pharmacy.
  • Occupational Health Screening Unit: are equipped with Audiometry evaluation with audiometric booth, ophthalmic evaluation, and general health check including ECG. The unit also has supplemental administration and comfortable waiting areas.
  • Blood Donation Unit: comprises a screening cabin for measurement of vital signs and point of care testing for Hgb, screened areas for blood donation with comfortable recliners, blood storage facilities with on board refrigerators, temperature monitoring and surveillance, additional secondary power, utility spaces for storage, refreshments and consumables. Optional vein illuminators, IPTV system etc. can be provided as per client choice.
  • Medical Test for Visa Screening / TB Screening Units: are equipped with especially designed X-ray equipment for TB screening using very high resolution digital radiography detectors, complimented with laboratory facilities, physical examination spaces with requisite equipment, fully equipped registration desks, waiting areas. The unit also has facilities to store blood samples, and to relay X-ray images to base center from the local archive and pantry.
  • Vaccination/inoculation vans: contain temperature controlled and monitored refrigeration system for various types of vaccines, an area to administer them with provisions of providing medical response immediately in the unlikely event of adverse reaction.
  • School Health Clinic: contains dental unit, skin clinic, ENT/Eye clinic and provisions for testing for allergens. Aesthetically designed to provide a pleasant environment to the young clientele. The unit can also have optional obesity evaluation clinic.

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